Current Events Paper- Muslim Travel Ban Sociology Research Paper

Do you believe the Trump administration’s recently proposed travel restrictions are congruent with core American values? Why or why not? Take a sociological perspective and be sure to discuss the concepts of values and norms while crafting a 3‐page argument. Background Information: On January 27, 2017 President Donald Trump signed an executive order entitled “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.” The order called for suspending all new refugee admissions for at least 120 days, preventing citizens of seven majority Muslim countries from entering the USA for at least 90 days, and banning all Syrian refugees indefinitely. The order came suddenly and took even those in Trump’s own political party by surprise, affecting travelers already in the air and preventing them from entering the USA despite any legal visa/paperwork/green card they may have had. Federal judge Ann M. Donnely stepped in to stop these people from being sent back home and a temporary restraining order was put in place on February 3rd that blocked much of the executive order pending further litigation. The Trump administration has promised to draft an updated order to counter to satisfy the courts. Opponents of the travel ban contend that it is not about fighting terrorism, but rather about preying on terrorist fears. They worry that such bans will instead give extremists something to point too as an example of the U.S. waging war against Islam. Furthermore, no Americans have been killed in terrorist attacks from the countries listed in the order, while terrorists have come from nations such as Saudi Arabia, which is not included. The signing of the executive order was met with numerous protests at airports across the country. Proponents of the travel ban argue that such drastic measures are necessary in our current political climate. They fear that a number of terrorists are entering our nation through our airports. Since terrorism is such a difficult enemy to fight, the best we could hope to do until then is restrict the group of people most frequently responsible for large‐scale terror attacks around the world from coming into our country. Until we become better at vetting outside threats, they contend we should be cautious letting anyone from that part of world into our country. Grading Rubric Used in this Assignment Quality of writing and argument: ‐Proper length: 10 ‐No contractions: 5 ‐Clarity of argument: 15 Use of properly cited material to support argument: ‐“Values” and “norms” are discussed and defined: 10 ‐Proper citations: 10 ‐Argument based on evidence: 10 Spelling and grammar: 15 points