Custom English Essays-English 310: Audience Analysis Paper

Custom English Essays-English 310: Audience Analysis Paper-English 310: Audience Analysis Paper


  • This is an individual assignment.

For this paper, you will analyze some of the key audiences involved in your working group topic. You will need to identify the publics that care about your issue, and the stakeholders that will be impacted by any problems/solutions. You will also consider strategies to communicate to these groups in order to gain their ears and their confidence regarding your teams’ expertise and solutions (see Resonate for communication strategies ideas). Finally, you will outline each audience’s relationship to the controversies and conflicts of interests that arise from your team’s issue, and discuss their arguments and positions in relation to these controversies


Successful analyses will avoid merely stereotyping members of the public based on demographic features. They will make a clear and evidenced case (some research will help here) for the content of public argument around a topic, taking account of arguments on both sides, and noting (without reconciling) the conflicting interests people may have in the topic.

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