Custom paper – Cryptography: Disaster Recovery

Custom paper – Cryptography: Disaster Recovery

For this paper, use the following:

  • “If data is the new oil, then Equifax just caused a huge environmental disaster.” From
  • “Using Credit Reporting Agency Data To Assess the Link Between the Community Reinvestment Act and Consumer Credit Outcomes.” From
  • “Managing in a Post-9/11, Post Katrina World: An Introduction to a Disaster-recovery Planning for Technical Communicators” (Located in the course shell.)
  • “Recovering from Database Recovery: Case Studies and the Lessons They Teach” (Located in the course shell.)

After reading these articles, consider the following:

  • The need for an organization to have a disaster recovery plan.
  • How the attacks of September 11, 2001 affected Barclay’s Capital and Putman Investments. Did that impact Equifax disaster recovery plan? How?
  • Whether or not Equifax had a disaster recovery plan. If so, what were the parts of the plan that allowed it to continue operations? If not, what should a disaster recovery plan have included in order to continue operations?

Write a paper in which you:

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