Custom Writing Service-Corporate Social Responsibility

Custom Writing Service-Corporate Social Responsibility

ACME Company, Inc. wants to change their current CSR program, which is quite minimal. The leadership team wishes to donate 10% of net sales to local charities, to be distributed between 3 local charities. It is estimated the donation amount will be $750,000. They need Mary’s help, though, to research and find charities they feel would be a good fit for the company.

For this project assignment on ACME Company, Inc. Complete a minimum of two pages that addresses the following concepts:

The mission of three local charities (in your area) that have a high need of donations.

An evaluation of each charity including their history (briefly), their management team (abilities), and their reputations.

The advantages and disadvantages of donating to each charity.

If you were Mary, what would be your recommendation of priority order and amount designations for the charities? Explain.