Custom Writing Service-Data Analysis and Interpretation

Custom Writing Service-Data Analysis and Interpretation

Data analysis is an essential step in the evaluation process of all programs. McKenzie et al. (2009) explained that “inappropriate data analyses can lead to, among other problems, harm to a person or property, implementation of inappropriate policies or procedures, and the waste of time, effort, and resources” (p. 135). Proper data analyses include three steps: create an analysis plan, put the plan into action, and justify your strategies. A carefully thought-out data analysis plan can help evaluators avoid misleading interpretations and/or conclusions.:

· Review the “Stress Reduction Program: Quantitative and Qualitative Data” provided in the Learning Resources, as well as the objectives of the stress-reduction program described in the Week 2 Assignment.

· Review “Data Analysis” in Chapter 15 of the McKenzie et al. text and the article “Local Program Evaluation for Tobacco Control: Tips on Data Analysis”. Consider the type of analysis you would perform on the data sets (descriptive vs. inferential, number of variables). Take into account the evaluation questions, the types of data collected, and the intended audience.

· Review the eight methods of data interpretation presented in the McKenzie et al. text. Reflect on which of the eight methods are the most appropriate for interpreting the provided evaluation data.

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