Custom Writing Service–IFSP And Early Intervention

Custom Writing Service–IFSP And Early Intervention

You have just taken a position as a teacher in an EArly Head Start program.  A 6-month old has been referred to a doctor for strabismus.  In the toddler room, the director and head teacher are talking to parent about their observations of a 2 year old, who does not attend or make eye contact when his name is called, and is cognitively and socially assessed at the 12 month old level.

This is a 12 month delay for a 24 month old child.  You have heard them talking about early intervention services.  In your discussion post, discuss five to six services all children can receive from early intervention and how an IFSP works in your community.  

What are the ages that children can receive services in your community and then who might provide those services?  

You can access this information via web by looking  up early intervention in your state or community or by talking to a local provider in your area.  I’m in NC… North Carolina so please look for information in this state.

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