Custom Writing Service-Preparing to Write a Research Paper

Custom Writing Service-Preparing to Write a Research Paper

Preparing to Write a Research Paper

Your first assignment is selecting a research paper to work on.  You may select a research paper assignment from one of your other classes.  If you have no research paper assignment due this term, you and the instructor of this class will develop a Human Services oriented topic so that you can practice the process of writing a research paper.

Instructions: Review the syllabus from one of your Human Services courses. First, identify a research paper that you will work on in this class.  Then, create an outline of the key components of the research paper.  Third, create at least two questions you can ask your professor about the research paper.  Also, plan to ask your professor to confirm which components of your learning materials (textbook, journals, etc.) you will need in order to complete the assignment.  Contact your professor via phone, email, or video conference to get answers to your questions and to further clarify their expectations for the assignment.

Include the following elements in a word document to submit as Assignment 1A:

The assignment instructions

Your outline

Your two questions for the instructor

Evidence of communicating the questions to the instructor and receiving feedback.

Note:  If you do not have a research paper:

Communicate with your instructor about the research paper guidelines.

Develop a topic.

Follow the rubric provided by the instructor in this class.​​

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