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In this assignment, students elaborate Blocks 5 and 6 in the 6 Building Blocks of Digital Marketing. (Refer to Workshop 1 for definition)I attached the workshop 1

Essentially this is the same process as the design stage of your group assignment, without the action plan and video. (I attached my group assignment)

Select 1 of the profiles you have developed in Individual Assignment 1, and design the campaign for the profile. (I attached my Individual Assignment 1).

The campaign will be run on at least 1 channel either Facebook Page or Website. You can do both. The procedure is identical with one in the group assignment. (In this point, you have to create at least 1 channel Facebook Page or Website, and design it as the example in my group assignment).

Below is the suggested structured. Please note that all requirements regarding the use of copyrighted material and the authenticity of your campaign are the same with the group assignment.

               Executive Summary 300 words:


  1. PLATFORM DESCRIPTION: 300 words : platform what it is for, name, logo slogan, theme or narrative structure /channel/website or Facebook page is about? Insert URL to the site, screenshot of home page etc.


  1. CUSTOMER PROFILE: 400 words:


Describe briefly the profile customer you will be targeted for your platform. (JUST need to describe my Customer Profile in 5 sentences).


  1. CAMPAIGN DESIGN 700 words:


Design 1 or several campaigns to recruit customers within the profile above for your site.


It is recommended that you use 7 touch point formula to plan the customer journey on your platform. (I attached workshop 3 for 7 touch point formula)


To present your campaign(s) in this assignment, you could use the template below (note that this is only a suggestion.)


>> To entice potential customers to visit my site, I will run X number of campaigns. Campaign A does XXX, Campaign B does YYY, and Campaign C does ZZZ.


To achieve XXX, campaign A will cover steps 1-3 of the 7 touch point formula. Specifically, ZZZZZZ.


In terms of design, campaign A will start with Facebook ad post. The ad aims to XXX. The screen shot of the ad is HERE, and THE URL IS HERE.


The ad captures attention from XXX people because the interest of the people in this profile suggests that ZZZZ.


After a visitor clicks the ad, they will go to site X (URL provided), and see BBB. At this point, the visitor will be given options to do YYY, because XXX. These activities cover steps 2 and 3 of the 7 touch point formula.


  1. CONCLUSION 300 words:


This campaign is engaging the customers, turning them from strangers to frequent and loyal visitors of my site in several ways. First it recruits first time visitor from Facebook …








The aesthetic quality marks will be allocated to the use of images, videos and sound. You can use other material on the internet to enrich the content of your site. However, ensure you indicate clearly point out the original material created by you for this assessment to be considered for the aesthetic quality marks.

Critical points (missing these points will result in your assignment not receiving marks).


Thus, you might choose similar products with your group, but the customer analysis

and campaign design have to be your own work.

  1. Working URL(s) linking to your campaign.


Completion points (missing these points will result in your assignment losing marks for

relevant components).

  1. Proof of all data sources (e.g., screenshots of Facebook data, action steps, customer profiles etc.)
  2. Workable links in your campaign (e.g., campaign call-to-action has to lead to real result page. Fake data and fake campaigns are not acceptable.)


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