Debate Ethical Dilemma/Boom in Busts and Launching the laerjet85

Debate Ethical Dilemma/Boom in Busts: Good or Bad?
•    Based on your reading “Boom in Busts: Good or Bad?” Research and debate with your fellow peers your opinions of the subject.

Discuss the pros and cons of bankruptcy legislation issues.

What do you think about the prospects of changing bankruptcy laws? Do we let bankrupt debtors walk away or punish them?

Launching the Learjet 85: A NAFTA Collaboration
•    Why did Bombardier deliberately tap into the three member countries in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) instead of concentrating its work in one country?
•    In addition to NAFTA why did it also manufacture some parts of the new LearJet 85 in Europe?
•    How do firms around the world such as Bombardier capitalize on global and regional economic integration?

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