Define a bottleneck and why it is important to find it

Locate each of the following services on the service delivery system matrix:

  • vending machine business
  • housecleaning service
  • appliance repair

Q5: Describe the service-product bundle for each of the following services:

  • hospital
  • lawyer
  • trucking firm

Q8: Define a possible service guarantee for each of the following services:

  • registration for college classes
  • going to a theater performance
  • buying a used car

Q11: Find examples of two service guarantees in everyday life and explain them.

Chapter 6 questions:


Q1: In the following operations, isolate a system for analysis and define customers, services produced, suppliers, and the primary process flows.

  • a college
  • a fast-food restaurant
  • a library

Q3: Explain Little’s Law in your own words. How can it be used, and what are the limitations of this law?
Q4: Provide a definition of a bottleneck. Why is it important to find the bottleneck?