Define what the Separation of Powers concept means?

Required Readings- Read the chapter on the constitution. Review the Lecture carefully, watch the videos and then answer these questions.

The Declaration of Independence advocates breaking with England. How did they justify doing so according to the document? In other words what were the classical liberal arguments for a revolution?

Define what the Separation of Powers concept means? This system is very different from the English System of integrated government.

How are checks and balances different from the separation concept? This system of checks was added to further limit power. Give at least three examples of checks , you have a table in the text that lists all of the checks and balances.

Go to article 1 of the constitution and copy 5 major enumerated powers. There are 17 legislative powers enumerated. Also what is the elastic clause and how does this provision expand the power of the legislative branch?

Why didn’t James Madison like majoritarian democracy? How did he define factions?

The founders didn’t want to concentrate much power in the national government, so they created a division of power between the newly created national government and the states. What do we call this power arrangement?

Complete an outline of the 7 articles, just provide the title of each article. Just provide the title of each article and very briefly explain its major features.

Out of the three values we are studying this semester which 2 values were stressed in the wording of the constitution. What modern value was largely ignored?

If you wanted to change any aspect of the constitution what would you change and how would you have worded the provisions you would replace it with?



short answers

1.Name three things that the Articles of Confederation lacked in order to have a new nation equipped to handle the problems of the day,

2. A constitution has three component parts. Identify the three parts.

3. What is the name of the major compromise that created our bicameral congress?

4. What article of the constitution specifies the qualifications for running for congress?

5. The founding fathers had three choices for the way power is divided up within the New Nation. What is the name of the system that concentrates all power in the national government?