Definition Essay

In an essay of approximately 300 words(1-1.5 pages/12 point font/double spaced) respond to one of the following prompts with an argument of definition!(Prompts are 1-4 on one of the attachments choose one for the definition essay). The essay must contain a focused thesis statement in the introduction paragraph(an argument or claim relating to an aspect of definition), as well as utilize specific examples and provide logical, well thought-out reasoning explaining how your examples support your thesis in each body paragraph. In a definition essay, the reasoning aspect of your thesis (claim + reason) usually takes the form of a definition! Be sure the essay is structured effectively in adherence to the guidelines of scholarly writing (formal diction, effective argument structure, grammatically correct, etc.)! The essay must be properly cited in MLA format with a Work cited page! No plagiarism and college level writing!! 5 paragraphs in the essay- introduction, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion. I’ve attached two attachments one for the prompts to choose from( if its about an article/or an authors essay you can find it online) and the other is the rubric of the definition look closely and read carefully at both! Make sure the essay consists of everything it needs from the rubric! I need this done within 16 hours!