Delay – Management Dissertation

Title: Causes of Delays in Construction Projects in Saudi Arabia.


1. I am doing the introduction and the literature review, however, I would like you to kindly do the methodology and the results and discussion so from methodology downwards until recommendation. I made it into categories to make it clearer which I will attach. I also will attach my questionnaire and the results for the questionnaire tomorrow.
2. For the data analysis and statistics section, I would kindly like you to do the spearsman rank correlation which helps with the results.
3. Chapter 3, the research findings and results, you can change it and not do it in that order, it can be (ranking of the causes of delay) (frequency of the causes of delays)… etc. or leave it in that way.
4. I wrote next to each one approximately how many words would be in each section, feel free to change it up a bit.
5. I highlighted some notes I added on the dissertation.
6. Also I used survey monkey which analysis the results and puts them in charts for you.
7. Please feel free to ask me any questions that arise.
8. I can also extend the deadline by 5 days extra.

Thank you.

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