Demonstrate how Gerston’s triggering mechanism elements can be applied to the “Obama 2009 Economic Stimulus Bill”

Reading Assignments:
Role of Leadership 

· Read the book of Gerston “Public Policy Making”, Chapters 2, 4, and Chapter 3 pages 44-57.

· Read the book Rushefsky “Public Policy in the United States”, pages 1-17 or the whole chapter 1.

· Read the PDF attached file of “Kingdon on Interest Groups”

Written Assignment Paper instruction: The topic is “Obama 2009 Economic Stimulus Bill”:

Analyze how and why this policy got on the public agenda. Discuss the actors within and outside of the government that can influence the development of policy both positively and negatively. In addition, there are various triggering mechanisms that impact on the success and failure of public policies.

My paper should include the following : (1)  Demonstrate how Gerston’s triggering mechanism elements discussed in chapter 2 can be applied to the “Obama 2009 Economic Stimulus Bill” (the chart on page 30 may help in your understanding of these concepts); (2) Gerston discusses internal triggering mechanisms (this is on page 30 of the book) that you should use in your analysis particularly social evolution if it applies; and (3) discuss the applicability of the media and interest groups to the policy as discussed (on pages 54-56 which is Chp 3 of Gerston). Also consider information covered in the readings dealing with Kingdon’s take on the role of interest groups in the lesson and Rushefsky reading should provide insight for this assignment as well. Finally, look at Gerston’s Chapter 4 on the roles and realities of policy makers and comment as necessary.