Describe the concept of Geographic Determinism on the course of historical events 

  • Describe the concept of Geographic Determinism on the course of historical events Use of 3 different themes and 3 different subjects or topics
  • Theme titles with name of theme and corresponding theme number from the LIST OF THEMES
  • Vetting of sources within the essay
  • Proper notation of and use of quoted materials to support content argument
  • Proper formatting of citations for all quoted materials
  • Works Cited with proper sections listing Primary Documents and Secondary Sources
  • Full bibliographic information provided in Works Cited
  • Name and class information provided
  • For each theme you discuss, you need to quote your textbook OR an outside secondary scholarly source of your choosing once and ONE primary document found either in your ebook or from an outside source. (See further details about your sources below). Use a different primary document for each theme and history you write on. You must include a properly formatted Works Cited at the end.  These assignments will help you learn to see history in terms of these themes.
  • For each Themed Essay Assignment, you will write a minimum 750-word entry (CONTENT ONLY – Works Cited DOES NOT count towards minimum word count) about 3 historical topics that you can extrapolate from the subjects we have studied in that week in which the Themed Essay is assigned. EACH ENTRY PARAGRAPH WRITTEN ON A THEME MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 250 WORDS. So the math here is easy = 3 different theme discussions of 250 word minimum each yields a total minimum word count of 750 words AND 3 separate themes X 3 Assignments = 9 historical themes used in the semester.   I expect to see original analysis, interpretation and rhetorical content.


1. Geographic Determinism on the course of historical events

2. The Big “C”s ~ Conquest, Commerce, Colonization, & Conversion on the Course of History

3. Causes and Effects in History ~ “what came first, the chicken or the egg?”

4. “Shoulda, Woulda, Couldas” ~ alternate histories with alternate endings

5. Role of Economics in History ~ “money makes the world go around” or does it?

6. GREED & POWER ~ Who has it? How do they get it? What do they do with it? Why do we care?

7. Gender and History ~ “The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world” ~ oh, really?

8. “Them versus Us” Scenarios ~ How Differences in Race, Ethnicity, Language, Class affect History

9. Religion and History ~ “My God is better than your god”