describe the effects on homeland security and its tie in terrorism and Asymmetric Threats.

Write a 5-7-page paper. Must be APA format, 12pt font, no less 6 -7 legitimate, verifiable sources, title page, an introduction, intext citations, reference page. Due by 6:00 AM June 29, 2019. Attach Plagiarism free report.

The topics chose to write about were intelligence and incident response.

The describe the effects on homeland security. Tie in terrorism and Asymmetric Threats.

The case study is a review of a current homeland security issue and one that affects the US. You will prepare five to seven pages (not including the cover or reference pages) exploring the issue presented. An abstract is not required. Follow the guidelines in either Course Content or in the conference.  You must post your selection in this conference. The paper is due at the end of week 6 and must be submitted in your Assignment folder.  Review the late policy above.  Current issues include but are not limited to border control, funding allocation, infrastructure, cyber warfare, biotechnology, intelligence, transportation security, incident response, civil liberties, resource allocation, capabilities, and immigration (the guideline provides further topics).  Make sure you can identify an issue relating to a topic.  A narrow topic is easier to write than a too broad topic.