Description of the American “Great Migration” movement

How would you define or describe the American “Great Migration” movement; and what were some of the motivations or reasons for this ‘demographic shift’ of many African Americans out of the South?

-What were at least 1 specific or general  “push” and 1 “pull” factor which motivated the Great Migeration of many African Americans out of the rural south?

-What are at least 2 Great Migration themes in August Wilson’s “The Piano Lesson” play/film; (what pull and/or push factors do you see illustrated/demonstrated in the play/film)?

-As a tactic, to solve real problems/challenges, would you say the “leaderless” Great Migration movement was one of accommodation, radical-protest, and/or nationalism; how so specifically?

-After exploring dynamics of the Great Migration, what are you left wondering about; what questions are left unanswered;and why?