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Paper needs to Be in second person



Milan, Italy is located on the continent of Europe and is one of the largest fashion capitals of the world. Milan has different types of famous monuments, for example Arco Della Pace is one of the greatest. Every night in Milan  from 7:00pm to 9:00pm the bars and cafes offer a huge spread of foods, drinks, an avenue to hold friendly discussions amongst people.

The one thing I want to do when I travel to Milan is extensive shopping, they have the best European stores.

Research questions:

  1. What is the fashion style in Milan, Italy?

Fashion in milan is more couture

  1. Is it expensive or inexpensive?


  1. Who are the designers?

Dolce & Gabana, Alessandra Facchinetti, Au Jour le Jour , and Mauro Gasperi


  1. Is the fashion different from American fashion?

fashion in Milan is more couture than fashion in America.  Fashion in America is broad, it allows people to express themselves in different ways whether it’s colors, patterns, or florals.


  1. Do they wear the same designers as Americans?

Yes the do for example we wear dolce&gabana

  1. What is Milan’s fashion week like? What are some of the events that take place?

During milan fashion there is a series of fashion shows, where designers can showcase their designs from the year. Some different event were fendi, genny, and byblos are different fashion shows


  1. Is New York fashion week the same as Milan’s fashion week? Describe the difference?

Each country has there own unique style to fashion week


  1. Are there any fashion schools Milan? Yes there are fashion schools in Milan. For example: Istituto Marangoni- Milano Fashion School. Milan fashion campus courses and IED Moda.


Population: 2017 59,797,978

language(s): Italian, french, spanish, german

Climate: mediterranean, which has cool, rainy winters, hot, and dry summer


Religion: Roman Catholic

Government: Republic with a multi party system

Currency:  As in most of western Europe the official currency is the Euro. The Euro is divided into 100 cents with two decimals after the comma


The idea fashion

Ways to express yourself

The arts and beauty of fashion

What makes you feel like a queen or that king



First paragraph: As I walked through the busy city on a sunny breezy day, I encountered something so broad. All different types of patterns and textures. Some textures felt very silky, some felt very rough, and others were very fury. You even seem some lions, tigers, or bears. Maybe even some cheetahs, leopards, or

Second paragraph:


Third paragraph:


Fourth paragraph: