Design and Configuration of an AD Infrastructure

Prepare a 4-5 page (or longer) paper in APA format that details the recommendations that you would implement if you were planning and designing an Active Directory Infrastructure. The information for this project is based on the previous modules’ assignments. For this implementation to be successful, the system administrator must take into consideration factors such as performance, manageability, scalability, and security. The design and configuration must include the following criteria:

  • What considerations need to be planned for the implementation and placement of a Read Only Domain Controller (RDOC)? How would these be configured and maintained?
  • How would you structure your DNS services?
  • Discuss what steps should go into the planning, design, and implementation of Organizational Units? What would be some best practices you would implement in your OU design?
  • What type of planning and considerations would go into the implementation of Group Policy for this organization? What procedures or guidelines would be used for the basis of these policies? How would they be monitored and maintained?
  • Detail how you would manage, configure, and maintain Active Directory Management Service on your infrastructure.
  • What factors need to be considered for the use of Active Directory Federation Services for a company? How could the use of ADFS be beneficial to the company?
  • Discuss factors for using digital certificates in your Active Directory design. Include how, when and why these would be implemented.
  • Describe your strategy for maintaining the Active Directory Database to ensure that a technical failure would not result in lost information or significant downtime. Include how this will be accomplished, when and how often this maintenance is performed, and who would be responsible for monitoring and implementing the database.
  • Detail the factors that go into the decision for the data that is being replicated, how often that is done, and how to ensure that it is functioning properly. Describe how and when replication should be configured on your AD infrastructure
  • What plans and strategies need to be considered when implementing security in your AD design? What security measures need to be used with which service? How is this security going to be monitored?