Detailed Reflection-text review

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“Broken WindowsLinks to an external site.” from Hidden Brain, aired May 29, 2017

In the early 1980s, a couple of researchers wrote an article in The Atlantic that would have far-reaching consequences. The article introduced a new idea about crime and policing. It was called Broken Windows. The idea was simple: A broken window is a sign of a neglected community, and a neglected community is a place where crime can thrive. The researchers said, if police fixed the small problems that created visible signs of disorder, the big ones would disappear. Today, we explore how ideas sometimes get away from those who invented them… and then are taken to places that were never intended.

You must complete eight labs, in any combination of the options listed below; you will then write a Lab Write-up for each activity in correct 2016 MLA formatting, containing either a 150-word Detailed Reflection or a 150-word Detailed Reflection with Rhetorical Analysis, as noted below. After you have completed the required 8 labs, you may complete up to an additional 4 (four) labs for extra credit, if desired.

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