: Determining Locations for Depositions

This question looks at the strategies behind where, when, and how to set depositions. In addition to the locations specifically set forth, can you think of others that may be a more appropriate option? You will want to discuss the pros and cons of each before reaching a conclusion as to which is best.

You need to subpoena witnesses for depositions. Your adversary has a large volume of documents and records that will be important to the discovery phase of the case. You have to set the location of the deposition: your office, your adversary’s office, or the courthouse. Discuss the benefits and obstacles of each venue.

Justify your ideas and responses by using appropriate examples and references from Westlaw (including primary sources such as cases, statutes, rules, and regulations), government websites, and peer-reviewed legal periodicals (not lawyer blogs), which can be supplemented by law dictionaries or the textbook. This means you need to use more than just your text and legal dictionaries.

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