Developmental Assignment #2: Identification of Most Significant Health Issue for Selected Cultural Group

This assignment is a continuation of the the first essay which I have attached.

The second developmental assignment (due end of Week 6, Sunday, February 18th) will require you to select the most significant health issue for your selected cultural group for the Cultural Health Promotion Project.  The selected health issue should be one of the two issues identified in your first developmental assignment (due in Week 3).  For this assignment, you will need to write a paper (no more than 2 pages in length, excluding cover page and references) that discusses the following:

Identification of the selected health issue and supported justification for its selection as the focus for your project (why does it  need to be addressed most urgently?  What makes it more important or critical than the other issue identified?).
Discussion of two underlying issues that are the most important contributors to the health issue.  You will need to describe each underlying issue and briefly discuss how it contributes to the overall health issue you are focusing on for the project.

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