Discuss how the Water Cube project is structured

Assignment: Navigating the Structural and Cultural Aspects of a Project

For this Assignment, read “Lessons Learned from Managing the Design of the ‘Water Cube’ National Swimming Centre for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games” [Zou, P. X. W., & Leslie-Carter, R. (2010)].

Analyze the structure of the Water Cube project team in the context of the three common types of organizational structures and the cultural aspects of the project. Prepare a 3-page paper that addresses these items:

· How is the Water Cube project structured?

· What are some of the benefits of the organizational structure of the Water Cube project team?

· What are some of the challenges of the team structure?

· What skills can the project manager use to manage the cultural aspects of the project?

· In what ways can project management practices help overcome these challenges?




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