Discuss Leaders Impacting Organizational Changes—again positive or negative—think of Crisis situations too such as the BP Oil Spill, etc.

Research Writing EXD 330-110

You have six months to complete this contract

Discuss Leaders Impacting Organizational Changes—again positive or negative—think of Crisis situations too such as the BP Oil Spill, etc.

Module 1 Overview  

Research – it’s not a word that most of us like. Add “Research Paper” and many people break out in a cold sweat. Never fear! This course will cover the steps for writing a research paper ONE at a time. In Module 1, we will start by finding one current controversial article. By Module 4, an entire research paper will come together.  Let’s call it an “Argumentative Synthesis” so no one breaks out in hives!

Module 1 Objectives

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

· Demonstrate the ability to use The University of Alabama’s Scout search engine to find current, controversial sources.

· Determine if the sources found are reliable and credible.

· Identify the importance of highlighting and annotating possible sources.

· Understand the importance of asking questions about your sources to establish credibility

· Understand how to create an annotated bibliography.

· Understand how to summarize and evaluate an article.

Module 1 Readings

*Example of MLA formatting used for first page of all writing assignments found on page 59 and 465.

Read pages 357-375 & 375-389 – under Researching – green R

Read pages 71-75 – under Academic Writing – yellow A

Watch all video tutorials to learn how to use Scout and proper researching techniques.


Module 1 Assignment 1: Research using Scout

For this assignment, you will use the readings and videos to find your first current, controversial source. This assignment is worth 10 points.




1. Review the videos and the tutorials on how to use the University of Alabama’s Scout search engine.

2. Choose a current, controversial topic.

3. Use Scout to locate one interesting article on your research topic. (The article should be in PDF format if possible and at least 2-5 pages in length. Also try to find articles published within the last six months if possible. You can stretch to a year if you must.)

4. Use the Email function in Scout to email the article to yourself. You should also e-mail the Works Cited entry. (Click on Cite at the top right of the screen. Choose MLA and the entry will come up.)

5. Use the Internet to locate information on the author of the article and the publication. It’s always good to know if the author or journal has a bias.

6. Submit the PDF of your article by clicking on the Module 1 Assignment 1 title above and using the Assignment Submission tool to attach your file.

Module 1 Assignment 2: Evaluating the source

For this assignment you will be using the article you selected in the first assignment and your text to answer questions. This assignment is worth 10 points.