Discuss new executive orders issued by Texas Governor Abbott.

For this week’s current event discussion, we’re going to take a look at a few new executive orders issues by Texas Governor Abbott. While there hasn’t been much movement on any gun-related issues in the U.S. Congress, at the state level, Gov. Abbott did make a few small moves that his office believes will help to prevent further mass shootings. To find out what these executive orders are, here is the link to the official press release from his office:

https://gov.texas.gov/news/post/governor-abbott-issues-eight-executive-orders-in-response-to-el-paso-and-odessa-shootings (Links to an external site.)

Do you think that any of these executive orders are a good step to take on this hot topic of gun safety? Why or why not?

Pick an issue and write a Pro-Con-My Opinion Paper on the topic – focus your paper on Texas. The goal is for you to see all sides of an issue, explain all sides, and then ultimately reach a conclusion / your opinion. For example, if you are writing about legalization of marijuana in Texas, the body of your paper would be:

· Introduction – overview of what you are going to discuss and the question you are presenting (Should Texas legalize marijuana?).

· A section on why Texas should legalize marijuana backed up with research.

· A section on why Texas should not legalize marijuana backed up with research.

· A section on your opinion based on your research.

· Conclusion.

You may choose your own topic and ask your own question. Let me know if you want assistance. Some example themes you may choose from and then form a question about are below:

· Should Texas build a border wall along its southern border?

· Should Texas have sanctuary cities?

· Should Texas abolish the death penalty?

· Should Texas keep the death penalty?

· Should the law of parties apply in death penalty cases?

· Is XXXX defendant on Texas death row really innocent or guilty?

· Should XXXX defendant on Texas death row received the death penalty?