Discuss sexual harassment in the workplace

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sexual Harassment: Beyond policies and procedures

“As an employer, your organization is obligated to take reasonable care to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. As a result, simply having an anti-harassment policy (and procedures for enforcing it) are not enough” (Virtus Online).

What do you know about sexual harassment in the workplace? Could you think of any cases? What are the “best” management practices to prevent workplace sexual harassment?

A Federalist representative democracy requires both personal responsibility and social responsibility of its citizens through personal involvement in the democratic process and the understanding that there are many interests to consider in a democracy. Both personal responsibility and social responsibility may be reflected in the process of voting.

write a 2-page essay discussing whether and how a) the act of voting is the personal responsibility of every citizen, and

b) citizens have a social responsibility to consider how his or her individual vote will affect the diverse interests of the broader community.