What if the Dispute Goes to Trial?

Textbook: McAdams, T. (2006) Law, Business and Society (9th  ed). New York: McGraw-Hill.

Chapter 6, “Contracts”…..CITE EACH PAGE NUMBER.

1) Review the inst iern your McAdams textbook concerning the Modern Family contract dispute (p. 253).

Assume that you are working for in house council at FOX.  FOX has just been presented with a demand letter from the cast members’ attorneys threatening suit. Prepare a memorandum of 1 to 3 pages to FOX corporate explaining …

What issues would be presented if the dispute were to go to trial.
How those issues would be decided and what remedies (if any) could be imposed on FOX.
What the practical consideration of proceeding with a lawsuit might be.
In order to accurate write this memorandum you will need to locate and review the applicable sections of the California Labor Code and read the cited article. Additional research is encouraged. You might start by looking into a similar dispute involving the cast of the hit show Friends.

————————-TWO PAGES———————————

2) Based on your analysis of the research you conducted this week concerning the Modern Family Contract Dispute, how would recommend Fox to respond to the threat of suit by the cast of Modern Family?

As you share your recommendation, be sure to analyze the elements of a legally enforceable contract and what remedies are available for a breach of contract. Also, describe what business considerations are important to the issue.
—————————ONE PAGE———————————

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