Dissertation Writers: 148HRM Managing People

Dissertation Writers: 148HRM Managing People


Exam Month JULY Year 2017

Coventry University

Faculty of Business and Law

Module Code: 148HRM

Module Title: Managing People

Instructions to candidates

Time allowed: 2 Hours

Answer: 3 questions from 6 (delete as necessary)

IMPORTANT: You may take this question paper away at the end of the examination. Please keep it in a safe place for future reference.


1. Discuss the challenges organisations face when designing and implementing an equality and diversity policy.

2. Discuss the various benefits of performance appraisal to each of the followings;

a.) An employee

b.) An organisation

c.) To a manager

3. Discuss the role of bias in recruitment and selection processes and to what extent this can be overcome.

4. Identify and discuss the various forms of industrial democracy

5. Identify and explain the various reasons for redundancy in organisations

6. Explain the challenges involved in sending employees on expatriate international assignments.


148HRM / Semester 3 May-Jul 2016-17

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