Dissertation Writers: Analyze Organizational Strategy and Objectives

Dissertation Writers: Analyze Organizational Strategy and Objectives

Analyze Organizational Strategy and Objectives

While it is important to have a clearly defined and well-understood mission, along with key goals, vision, and values, success is unlikely without corresponding actions guided by an organizational strategy with measurable objectives.

Your audit should include a brief overview of your organization’s strategy. Remember, this report will be used in part to orient new employees to the company, so you don’t need to conduct a detailed analysis. You will, however, have a chance to do a more thorough examination of these elements in future projects.

Follow the guidelines below while working on this part of your report:

· Find and analyze your organization’s organizational strategy. For publicly traded companies, this should be relatively easy to locate, whichmay not be true for the organization where you work.

· If possible, confirm the process used in creating, reviewing, and revising these objectives, as well as who contributes and how.

· Include a preliminary evaluation of success in achieving objectives.

· Cite the tools and methods you used to reach your conclusions, such as the balanced scorecard and key performance indicators (KPIs).

When analyzing your organization’s strategy and objectives and their implications for performance, it is useful to consider critics of strategic planning who point out that very successful ventures sometimes result from a series of unintended or unexpected activities. Therefore, you will also want to be on the lookout for evidence that some of the successes realized by your organization may not be the result of a rational strategic planning process.

Next, proceed to Step 5, where you will examine strategy types and competitive advantage.

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