Dissertation Writers: Biomes and Habitats

Dissertation Writers: Biomes and Habitats

look at the biome map and note the following observations:

  • By note I mean record short, descriptive observations for each question.
  • Do NOT write an integrated essay: Answer each question separately.
  • Do not be redundant: answer each question within the appropriate section.
  • Do not just “make stuff up.” If you do not know a species’ habitat or niche, look that up using a reputable source – and cite your sources!
  • Follow any standard citation style, but be consistent. If you do not know what that means, go to the Library or Writing Center or Student Success Center and ask.



  • What habitats did you observe in those biome(s) and/or aquatic ecosystem(s)?
  • NOTE: “Forest” is not specific enough. A forest includes many different habitats.
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