Dissertation Writers: Degree Planning GU101

Dissertation Writers: Degree Planning GU101

GU101 Student Success

Assignment W8 (70 points)

“Degree Planning”

This week, we introduced the idea of general education – the core courses you will take before you jump into your program of study. In this assignment, you will explore the Grantham University catalog to determine which general education courses you will be taking, along with the elective courses that round out your education.

You will definitely need to read the online catalog in order to complete this assignment. 

Review Section 7 in the catalog for the General Education program description, categories, and list of courses.  Make sure you understand why we require students to complete the General Education slate of courses.

Then look for your degree program in Section 8 of the catalog.  You will see each program listed by college (School of Business, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering and Computer Science, School of Nursing and Allied Health).  After reading the description of the program and the student learning outcomes, you will see the tables that list the General Education courses, the Program Core, and the electives.

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