Dissertation Writers: development on completing the EC 115 BA101 Term paper

Dissertation Writers: development on completing the EC 115 BA101 Term paper

BA101 Term paper

‘My personal development on completing the EC 115 class’


Maximum 2000 words.

Worth 80 points.

Deadline for term paper 6/7 at 11.59 pm

One thousand words must be written about your MikeBikes learning, Here are some points you might like to consider


Follow the outcomes on the syllabus and write about your learning in relation to each outcome

o Which practices worked/What didn’t work in your group? o What did you learn about business from the MikesBikes program? Which linkages did you observe? o Examples of linkages include (but not limited to), · if you raised price, what happened to number of units sold? · If you reduced price, what happened to number of units sold? · How was the production of bicycles linked to the change in the number of units sold? o Consult chapters 11 and 12. What did you learn about marketing from the simulation? o Consult chapter 5. What did you learn about management?

§ How did you plan? § How did you organize? § How did you make decisions?

o Consult chapter 9: Which acts of leadership were demonstrated in your group? o Consult chapter 8. Were any of the motivation concepts relevant in your group?

o Consult chapter 7. What did you learn about operations management from the simulation?

o Consult chapter 15. Consider the use of income statements, balance sheets and cashflow statements. What did you learn about accounting? Financing the business? o Which good practices in team work will you take with you to future classes? o Anything else ?

Here are some pointers for the rest of your term paper

1. What have you learned from our textbook? I am not looking for a critique of the text here. Also, I am not looking for definitions e.g. I do not want to read things like – “I have personally developed because I now know what exports are. Exports are……… Imports are……… (Definition taken from text)”

Also I do not want to read passages from the text in your paper . You cannot carry the text around with you for the rest of your life in case someone asks you a question about business – it is far too awkward and heavy! Instead, if someone asks you about business, you will have to ‘shoot from the hip’ and respond using your learning from the text. I will be interested in knowing how you would respond to such a person’s question as a result of having read the text

2. Write broadly about what you have learned about business in general. Imagine a friend asking you what you have learned about business as a result of reading the text book. You might respond with:

“Business is a lot more complicated that I thought. It is not just about numbers, it is also about managing resources e.g. machinery, land and especially people. The government also get involved in setting the law within which business has top operate, for example laws stipulate conditions for contracts ” For a new business, the state of the economy can be like swimming with or against the tide….”

3. Notice I have not used any definitions in (2) above. You could consult the title of each chapter and write your overall impression of the chapter.

To get started, just start writing down your thoughts on business and your learning should come out of your subconscious as a result of reading the text and your news articles. Then read back your writing and expand on the areas that trigger your thoughts. Repeat as necessary

4. What did you learn from other class members in discussions? Do people think like you or do they think differently different? What does this tell you about doing business?

5. How has looking for news articles affected you? Which articles presented in discussions were of interest and why? Will you still keep following the business news? Why? Why not? Was the news useful for learning about business? Should business keep tracking the news? Why? Why not?

6. Do you have any plans and ambitions in the business field having completed this course? Think hard. You might not what to own one (but if you do, you might write why) Maybe not, and that is fine but make sure to say why. My next question however is: How do you intend to make a living? Working for a business perhaps? Working a government department that regulates business?

7. I am interested in how you will put your learning into practice in the future.

8. There are no RIGHT answers that I am looking for, only evidence of your learning on completing our course.

9. I will be expecting good grammar and for you to use the available page length to score points.

10. You will be expected to cite research sources other than the text in your work. A research source, such as the work of a professional or academic writer is intended to support your opinions. As an example, you might write: “this class has motivated me to study business. Maslow (1947) defines motivation as “……….”

You would then reference Maslow’s work at the end of your posting. The required number of references is stated in the grading template below. You can use easybib.com or Word 2007 to compile your references for you. You can also do your references yourself. The writing desk at LBCC will help you, as will the following website: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/

I am also available for help on this referencing requirement.

The term paper will be posted to the term paper discussion forum

All papers need to be spell checked. It is critical that all work is professionally presented. This means no text message writing such as incomplete sentences, proper pronouns/nouns not capitalized and run together sentences. You have free writing help at the writing desk and they even will help you on-line.

Please do not use attachments for your term paper. Post directly into the discussion message box.

An “A” paper 90-100 %

All issues are clearly addressed. The paper includes the student’s own analysis of the topic using class material and at least 3 research sources (other than the course text) that are appropriately cited. The paper is neat, in proper format and grammatically correct.

Maximum word count 2000 words or marginally over.

“B” paper 80-89 %

Most issues are addressed. Analysis is good but limited; lacks the integration necessary in an “A” paper. Contains three to five spelling and/or grammar errors. Two research source cited (other than the course text) correctly or two research sources incorrectly cited. Between 1500 – 2000 words

“C” paper 70-79 %

Some issues are addressed, but with minimal thought and analysis. Six to nine grammar and spelling errors. One research source incorrectly cited. 1250 -1500 words

“D” paper 60-69 %

Student fails to address relative issues and/or paper contains in excess of nine spelling and/or grammar errors. Less than 1250 words. No research evident

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