Dissertation Writers: Discuss various types of communication within an organization

Dissertation Writers: Discuss various types of communication within an organization


my topic is type of communication within an organization

this can be seen as dependent on what is being communicated and whom the communications is between.  The decision to use formal or informal communication is normally dictated by the position of the communicators.  Formal communication has three types, which are downward, upward and horizontal.  Downward communication “takes place when organizational leaders communicate down the power hierarchy to subordinate organizational members” (Kreps, 2011).  An example of this communication can be seen when our organizations commanding officer communicates his decision that we will be working over a weekend in order to catch up on training.  Horizontal communication “refers to messages that are shared between organization members who are on similar levels” (Kreps, 2011).  An example of this is when I have to conduct a meeting with other members of my unit of the same rank or position to further discuss the need for working the weekend.  Upward communication happens when information is directed from the bottom up or directed “up the power hierarchy” (Kreps, 2011).  An example of this type is when subordinate voice concern or bring up alternative ideas for not working over the weekend.

Informal communications “are based on personal relationships that may transcend the formal hierarchy” (Kreps, 2011).  This type of communication may enable more open or direct communication that occurs between friends.  Within some organizations, this type of communication may be encouraged as a means to provide individuals a way to brainstorm ideas, which have, can help in creative type environments.  In my organization, this type of communication tends to occur only between individuals whom are equal in rank due to the rules and laws that govern military members.  An example of informal communication in my organization would be the rumor mill or grapevine type communication.  Because of an open bay working environment phone communications can be heard which sometimes prove to be rather interesting.  However, if rumors get out of hand or become distracting we will talk to all members involved to put an end to it.

The type of communication I prefer in a work environment would be formal horizontal communication because I feel it provides the greatest freedom of ideas while still maintaining structure and respect.  Communication among my peers means we are not simple getting information or giving it out.  We are able to discuss the information, develop ideas that may work better or organize thoughts of how to best communicate the information does the chain in a way that ensures the greatest success.

Elaborate and discuss these statements in  detailed form.

Justify and provide several and relevant examples to the latter.