Dissertation Writers: Discussing an organization’s website

Dissertation Writers: Discussing an organization’s website

The key aspects of this assignment that should be covered in your paper include the following:

· Using the library or the Internet, choose an organization that is of interest to you. For this purpose, you are required to choose an organization in which you are not currently employed. (Hint: You may want to choose your target organization using a current listing of Fortune 500 companies.)

· Locate the organization’s website. Spend time navigating the company website, so that you have a good understanding of what the company does.

· Provide the name and website address of your chosen organization.

· Locate and write down the organization’s mission and vision statements.

· Critique each of the foregoing statements against the criteria included in the Background readings and/or the criteria you developed for the Case assignment. Note: Organizations have a tendency to combine their mission and vision statements; therefore, you may need to decide whether a given statement is a mission statement or a vision statement. Be sure to back up your critiques with research that appropriately supports your analysis.

· Rewrite the vision and mission statements in the proper format for vision and mission statements.

· In the context of the criteria for “good” vision and mission statements, defend the adjustments/changes you have made to the statements.

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