Dissertation Writers: Employee Data

Dissertation Writers: Employee Data\

Employee Data

With regards to the employment status of the employees, most workers were cleric with 76.6%. The rest were managers (17.7%) and the others did custodial work (5.7%). As concerns salaries, the data revealed that median salary is $28,875 which is lower than the mean of $34,419.57. This implies that most of the workers are paid below the average. This is as would expected that the highest paid are less than those paid below the average. The highest paid employee earns $135,000 with the least paid being $15,750. The standard deviation is $17,075.661 with most employees earning a salary of $30,750.

In exploration data, it was established that the beginning salaries of females were significantly lower than those of their counterparts, males. The mean beginning salary for females was $13,091.97 while that of males was $20,301.40. Clearly, males were favored when it came to salaries which resulted in the low number of females in the company to those of males.