Dissertation Writers:  Explore Capacity for Learning and Change

Dissertation Writers:  Explore Capacity for Learning and Change

Evaluate Strengths and Weaknesses

An analysis evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, known as a SWOT analysis, is an important task when analyzing an organization’s situation, especially when the information is intended for use in strategy development and related decision making.

For the purposes of this report, however, your interest is in internal organizational factors, and you will therefore focus on strengths and weaknesses.

Review the elements of a SWOT analysis, concentrating on the S and W portions.

Then use the results of your analyses in Steps 2 through 8 to help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.

When Step 9 is complete, prepare your findings for inclusion in your final report. Then proceed to Step 10.

Explore Capacity for Learning and Change

The last step before working on all your conclusions and findings for this report is to examine your organization’s capacity to learn and change. Learning organizations are organizations that systematically measure their performance against sound criteria and metrics and then take concrete actions to change and make improvements.

However, organizations—and people—vary considerably in their ability to decide upon, implement, and manage change. Therefore, managing change is extremely important and often goes hand-in-hand with the desire to improve organizational performance.

First, analyze the extent of your organization’s ability to learn and change.

Then analyze any successes, failures, or both that your organization has experienced with implementing significant changes in the past five years.

For further guidance, read these resources on organizational change and learning organizations.

It’s time to wrap everything up. At each step of the process, you arrived at various conclusions. You will now finalize your situation audit report by making recommendations based on the conclusions and research that you’ve done.

Once discussed with senior management, these recommendations and conclusions may form the basis of future strategic plans and objectives for your organization.

When you have finished this step, continue to Step 12 to submit your final situation audit report.

Step 12: Submit Your Work

Make a note of the recommended delivery dates in the table below and submit your situation audit report in the dropbox at the bottom of this page.

The final deliverable should include the work from all steps above and should reflect the feedback you’ve received from your instructor on the interim deliverables that you’ve submitted.

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