Dissertation Writers: Global Climate Change

Dissertation Writers: Global Climate Change

Global climate change is a unique issue in that it is biospheric in nature, meaning it will impact all people, all societies and all ecosystems. It also provides arguably the greatest challenge currently facing humanity over the coming decades. That challenge also represents unique opportunities for involving many individuals, groups and nations in coming up with innovative solutions that can help mitigate some of the most severe impacts climate change will impose upon humanity. This online laboratory course will use at-home investigations, Internet-based applications, data sets, and employ a variety of technology enabling features associated with Canvas learning management system.

Global Climate Change is a complex issue that blurs disciplinary boundaries in showing the interconnected relationship between humans and the structures/systems we have created and our natural environment and the structures/systems that underlie it.  Although this is a lab course, it will be different from others in covering and combining a number of disciplines including earth sciences, chemistry, physics, ecology, economics, biogeochemistry, environmental science as well as social science aspects.

This one credit laboratory course is an introduction to environmental science and sustainability. Students will have hands-on experience in identifying and analyzing different environmental problems related with air, water pollution and environmental degradation. Furthermore, students will learn about the interdependence of ecosystems such as the impacts of excessive fertilizer or nutrient usage in agricultural systems, which can result in both surface and ground water pollution. Students will also learn how individual consumption patterns can make a difference in energy use, diminishing waste and market influence, to differentiate between indoor and outdoor polution, and how to reduce these.

Elaborate and discuss these statements in a detailed form.

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