Dissertation Writers: Marriage and Current Relationship

Dissertation Writers: Marriage and Current Relationship

· What are the client’s current sexual activities?

· If married or divorced, at what age did the client first marry? How long had client known spouse before marrying? Did they live together before marriage?

· How would the client characterize the relationship?

· During the first year or years of the relationship, how frequent was sexual intercourse?

· How does that compare to current levels of sexual activity?

· What is the frequency of sexual contact?

· What is the amount of time spent being sexually intimate with partner?

· What are the initiation patterns for sexual activity?

· What behaviors does the couple engage in? Examples include kissing, foreplay, oral sex, anal sex, and sexual positions. What are the client’s favorite activities?

· What is the client’s and their partner’s comfort level with the couple’s sexuality in general?

· What about specific behaviors?

· What is the amount and clarity of communication about sex? What is the amount and clarity of communication during sex?

· What does the client find sexually arousing?

· How regularly and consistently are both partners orgasmic?

· When are the client and partner most likely to be interested sexually? When are they least interested?

· Is the client aware of a particular relationship between his or her emotions and his or her sex drive and sexual availability?

· What is the client’s level of satisfaction with the sexual relationship?

· What have been the best and worst periods sexually in the relationship? Why does client think they were so?

· Does couple use contraception? What form? Does the client have any concerns related to contraception?

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