Dissertation Writers: Masturbation

Dissertation Writers: Masturbation

· As a child or adolescent, did the client ever engage in masturbation? If so, at what age? What were the patterns?

· Was masturbation the client’s first experience of orgasm and ejaculation?

· What were the client’s reactions to the first masturbatory orgasm?

· What did the client know about masturbation at this age?

· Were there concerns that masturbation would harm the client? Examples include growing hair on his or her palms, stunted growth, and damage to self sexually.

· What were the client’s feelings about masturbation? Did they involve guilt and shame? Did he or she feel like the only person doing it?

· Was masturbation solitary? Were siblings, cousins, or others involved?

· What was or is the cultural and religious perspective regarding masturbation?

· How does the client describe parental attitudes about masturbation?

· What, if any, are the current masturbation patterns? Are there any concerns or questions about current patterns?

· Does the client fantasize sexually during masturbation?

· Generally, how long does it take client to reach orgasm during masturbation?

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