Dissertation Writers: Portfolio #2 Milestone: Interview

Dissertation Writers: Portfolio #2 Milestone: Interview

Portfolio #2 Milestone: Interview

Using the 15 questions you developed in prior modules, conduct your interview with your selected HR professional. Submit the questions and answers to your instructor for review. Make sure you gained all of the information you will need to complete your final analysis and evaluation paper.

Although you will not earn points in Week 4 for this deliverable, it is a required component of the Portfolio Project, and you will lose points on your final project grade if you fail to submit this assignment as required by the end of Week 4. See the Portfolio Project grading rubric in the Module 8 Materials folder for details.

Note: Any documentation resulting from personal interviews by CSU-Global students are for the sole purposes of fulfilling a course assignment and will not be used as part of a larger study, published, or distributed outside of the course environment.

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