Dissertation Writers: Process   of Research & Questionnaire

Dissertation Writers: Process   of Research & Questionnaire

A) Please write a Research Project(Thesis) using the below topic:

Research Topic is

Effectiveness of Reward System and Appraisals System in increasing the Retention and Productivity of employees in Retail Sector and cosmopolitan

B)The Research Project(Thesis) should be broken down in the following chapters:

1:Introduction   – Chapter 1

2:Literature   Review – Chapter 2

3:Process   of Research & Questionnaire – Chapter 3

4:Presentation   of Findings –Chapter 4

5:Conclusion   and Recommendations – Chapter 5

C)   Other instructions

1-Use MS Word(12 Times New Roman script)

2-12,000  word limit

3-The assignment should not contain any contents including references cited from websites like www.ukessays.com,www.studymode.com,www.slideshare.net,www.scribd.com

4-You can refer Wikipedia as a source of information, but the references cited in Wikipedia has to be mentioned

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