Dissertation Writers: Puberty and Adolescence

Dissertation Writers: Puberty and Adolescence

· What was the client’s dating and sexual experience during high school and college?

· At what age did the client first hug, kiss, experience fondling or petting, and intercourse?

· How old was the client when he or she first had intercourse? Who was his or her partner? What was the enjoyment level? Did he or she achieve orgasm? What were the circumstances?

· What are the client’s number and circumstances of partners during course of adolescence and college, including duration of relationships, frequency, sexual activities, and sense of quality of the sexual relationships?

· What about homosexuality? It is usually an issue of when versus whether. Think about how to ask the question.

· What, if anything, curtailed or enhanced client’s sexual behavior during adolescence?

· What level of influence do peer pressure, social, and cultural tenets, religion, fear of STDs, and fear of pregnancy have on the client’s sexuality?

· What were or are the client’s experiences with pregnancies of self or partners? What were the outcomes?

· At what age did the client first leave home to be on his or her own? What were the circumstances or reasons?

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