Dissertation Writers: Self Image

Dissertation Writers: Self Image

Self Image

Here we are looking for general adequacy and inadequacy issues.

· What is the client’s general sense of himself or herself physically?

· What does the client like best about his or her body?

· If the client could change one thing about his or her body, what would it be?

· How does the client think his or her partner feels about the client’s body? Is it a cause for concern?

· Are there any uncertainties and concerns about the client’s body; specifically, his or her genitalia?

· Are there any concerns about the client’s partner’s genitalia?

· Sense of client’s sexuality: Does the client consider himself or herself to be confident in his or her sexual abilities?

· Is the client’s partner confident in the client’s sexual abilities? Is the client’s partner confident in his or her own sexual abilities?

· What is the best sexual relationship the client was ever in? What made it the best?

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