Dissertation Writers: Solver tool in Excel

Dissertation Writers: Solver tool in Excel\

Solution Tip: You must use Solver tool in Excel. Describe this statement.

Set your constraints right, and fill in the solver dialogue box properly. Be sure to review links provided in the last lesson, or in one of the announcements in the first week of class. Here is a You Tube link you could view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oyc0k9kiD7o

Also additional slides to explain basics and a basic example is attached. The example and slides are for demonstration and illustration purpose only to help practice how to use solver tool.

Turn It In (TII):

TII is integrated in this course which means you will not need your own account for submitting papers.  Your faculty member will decide for each assignment if your paper needs to be submitted to TII.  Please submit each assignment only in the Assignments area.

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