Dissertation Writers: State the F-value and p-value.

Dissertation Writers: State the F-value and p-value.

State the formula and describe the variables of the formula. Calculate the df for group and df for error.

State the F-value and p-value. Support answer by referencing the source. Describe the meaning of the results specifically and support the statement with statistical proof. “What is being compared to draw this conclusion?” See heading “Statistical Significance”

List the results asked for in the first question and what STATISTICAL value is being defined. State if the results are statistically significant and support your answer with statistical proof. See heading “Statistical Significance” In stating your opinion support your opinion with statements from the report and outside research. You MUST support your opinion with additional research, this is what is meant by “evidence based practice” Any outside research should be well documented.

List the assumptions of an ANOVA test.

Name the variable that meets these criteria. Describe the statistical conclusion and support it with proof of how what is required for this to be the statistical conclusion. See heading “Statistical Significance” Be specific, not generalities about the clinical conclusion.