Dissertation Writers: Strategy Management-Subsidiary of Dairy Farm int’l holdings

Dissertation Writers: Strategy Management-Subsidiary of Dairy Farm int’l holdings

Strategy Management

Management Report 

Deliverable: 1 written group report, the maximum length of the report is 4,500 words, excluding cover sheet, executive summary, contents page and references. In addition you are permitted to have up to 5 pages of appendices. Your appendices are to be comprised of tables, figures, charts and diagrams only.

You are required to conduct an analysis and construct strategic recommendations for your company – IKEA (Subsidiary of Dairy Farm int’l holdings).

A key outcome with this report is to ensure that you are able to construct plausible strategies grounded on solid research, thorough analysis and logical argument, all presented them in a report that is persuasive and clear.

A past assignment has been attached for your reference.

Key Report Criteria:

· Page numbers-in correct sequential order

· Headings and heading hierarchy-Use a logical format for headings and sub-headings ensuring hierarchy is distinguishable. (i.e.: main headings are larger than subheadings).

· Spacing-one and a half spacing

· Font size 12, APA or Chicago referencing style.

· Quotes- not to exceed a maximum of 10% of the word content of the report.

· Appendices must be relevant to your argument and must be presented in the sequence in which they are referred to in text.

· Third person-your reports are all written in the third person i.e. you use expressions such as ‘the’ or ‘this report’ or ‘the researcher(s)’ and not ‘I’, ‘we’ or ‘me’.

Required format for major case reports:

1. Executive summary

2. Introduction

3. Current Company Financial Situation

a. Past performance assessment

b. How strong is the company financially? What can it do or not do?

4. External analysis:

a. identify trends, opportunities and threats

b. If necessary define the scope of (a): e.g. Asia only or B2Bonly

5. Internal analysis;

a. Identify the capabilities behind the competencies that create value

b. Will this endure into the future?

6. Issue/Problem definition:

a. What issue are you trying to resolve?;

b. Given this issue what goal(s)/objective(s) must be set?

7. From (6), briefly describe alternative strategies that resolve the issue

a. For each alternative, consider the SAVED components

i. Staging: what will be the firm’s speed and sequence of moves?

ii. Arenas: where will the firm be active?

iii. Vehicles: how will the firm get there?

iv. Economic logic: how will the firm obtain returns?

v. Differentiators: how will the firm win in the marketplace?

8. Selection of alternative. Describe the SAVED components in more detail

a. How is your chosen option superior to the rejected alternatives? How will the weaknesses of the chosen option not be strategically detrimental or how can they be overcome?

9. Implementation: Outline:

a. how the corporate value chain will need to change;

b. given these changes, list 3 key measures that will help you determine if strategy implementation is on track;

c. Environmental and social impact of strategic recommendations and mitigation strategies: consider, where relevant,

i. Carbon footprint along the entire value chain (e.g. food miles)

ii. environmentaldegradation and habitat destruction

iii. cradle-to-cradle/cradle-to-grave recycling

iv. labour conditions, supplier relationships and market power

10. Appendices:

a. E.g. Ratio analysis (place conclusions stemming from this analysis in your main body)

b. Tabulate your Porter’s analysis, SWOT, TOWS, PEST

c. Others as appropriate

Report marking guide:

Past Assignment


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All assignments must be submitted to lecturer on the stipulated submission date.

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