Dissertation Writers: The theory of social learning

Dissertation Writers: The theory of social learning

The selected theory of “social learning” was chosen, developed by John krumboltz, Lynda Mitchell and G. Brian Jones. The construct of  Social learning consists of two parts; one focuses on explaining the origin of career choice listed as the (SLTCDM) – social learning theory of career decision making.  The second is based on career counseling and is labeled the learning theory of career counseling (LTCC)  Social learning theory believes that peoples personalities can be explained because of their unique learning experiences and developmental processes.  The theorist felt that social learning and the individuals that problem solves make excellent headway by turning their environment to fit their purpose and needs.  Two benefits of the decision making are genetic endowments such as intelligence, athletic ability, artistic talents and exposure to the environment. The condition within the situation is beyond the individual’s control.  To improve this training programs were implemented by the Comprehensive Employment Training Act.  On the other hand, the instrumental and associative learning experience includes antecedents, behaviors, and consequences.  Additionally, task approach skills are also used to choose a career since their work habits, mental set and emotional responses are needed.The overall ability to decipher what interests us, what has excellent values and determines what we are excellent at doing is icing on the cake.

Elaborate and discuss these statements in a detailed form.

Justify and provide several and relevant examples to the latter.

Give impacts, positive and negative effects


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