Dissertation Writers: Viability and Integrity of Ecosystems

Dissertation Writers: Viability and Integrity of Ecosystems. Describe a future state where the problem has been solved, i.e., a vision. In your description, start from the mitigated negative effects and the beneficial effects, and then work backwards to the root causes. Make sure you capture all critical components of the situation (use the analytical framework from Essay #2)! Make sure your vision is tangible (real locations, people, etc.)! Begin your vision narrative with: “In 2040 …” The vision should include a narrative of what the future looks like. What is life like for people on a day-to-day basis? The vision should NOT include the strategies used to achieve this vision.

2. Justify that the vision is sustainable by applying the five sustainability principles used during the identification phase (it ought to be a sustainable solution vision, not just any vision). That means, you need to briefly explain how the solution vision ensures:

a. Viability and Integrity of Ecosystems

b. Human and Social Wellbeing

c. Equitable Opportunity for Livelihood and Economic Activities

d. Justice across Societies (Inter-regional Justice)

e. Justice from one Generation to the Next (Inter-generational Justice)

If you realize, based on your sustainability appraisal, that your vision is not sustainable (does not comply with these principles), you need to revise it!

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