Dying at the Hospital’s Door-analysis of case study

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After completing this week\’s readings, review the below case study and and answer the presented questions.

A child presented with an illness causing the child to pass out. Immediately, the child\’s parent dialed 9-1-1.  The 9-1-1 dispatcher answered the call and asked if it what was the emergency. The parent answered the question in the affirmative that it was an emergency and the 5 year old child passed out.  The dispatcher asked for the child\’s location in order to send an ambulance.  The parent answers that the child and parent are in the parking lot in front of the local community hospital emergency department and is in fact requesting an ambulance.  The dispatcher confirms the location of the parent and child with the parent. The parent replies again that they are in the parking lot in front of the local community hospital emergency department and the hospital will not do anything for the child.  The dispatcher immediately contacts the emergency department of this hospital explaining the parent\’s request for a ambulance.  The Hospital personnel, answers the Dispatcher by stating this parent who wants to be seen quicker figures he would call 9-1-1 from our parking lot for an ambulance and that would result in a quicker response then waiting the in emergency room.  The Dispatcher tell the Hospital personnel the parent is requesting a ambulance and the child is passed out and asks if the Hospital will send an ambulance and the Hospital personnel answers no.


The child was seen in the Hospital during which time the child\’s condition deteriorated and died four (4) days later.  Based on the above case study, does the parent have a lawsuit against the Hospital and its personnel for negligence and malpractice?  Why or why not?  What rights and responsibilities does Hospitals have to patients?  Does the parent play a role in the outcome of this case?  What facts could have changed the outcome of the case?

Instructions:Please provide a two to three page analysis of the above case study per APA formatting.  A cover page and reference page are not included in the page count.  Complete and submit the assignment by midnight eastern standard time on Sunday.


REQUIRED TEXT:George D. Pozgar (2016). Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration (13th ed.)