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Re:Topic 10 DQ 2

Simply stated, EBP is an essential part of the BSN-prepared nurse because EBP is best practice, and it ensures the most positive outcomes for patients.  Nurses are leaders, and as education level increases, credibility and responsibility also increase.  Each degree obtained causes people to look at the nurse as more of a leader, and leads patients to have more trust.  The ANA agrees with those concepts, calling all nurses to further their education, and posits that EBP improves “care processes and patient outcomes” (Stevens, 2013, para. 3).

The first way I will integrate and encourage EBP is to continue to learn.  As I increase my knowledge regarding EBP, I will be more prepared to utilize it.  I will attend conferences and read the journals I subsribe to in order to stay abreast of new technology and advnaces, and the most current evidence.  The other way I will integrate and encourage EBP is to set the example.  We often get nursing students on our unit, and I will guide them in utilizing EBP, and encourage their spirit of inquiry.  I will also be involved on my unit, presenting knowledge as I learn it, and perhaps even being a preceptor.  At some point in my nursing career, I would like to be a clinical instructor.

The major obstacles to this plan are time and finances.  School is extremely expensive and time-consuming.  My facility is Magnet designated and very encouraging of education.  I will utilize their tuition reimbursement program to minimize the financial impact.  In order to minimize time impact, I will be sure to engage in self-care and balance my work, school, life time.  I will also continue to strive and motivate myself based on making myself better, and making my patients’ lives better.  I am also blessed to have God’s love and guidance, as well as that of my family.

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